Performance Preseason netball camp, 2 day – St Joseph’s College


NSX are excited to be teaming up with St Joseph’s College  to provide a Netball Pre-season. Providing skilled coaching and quality programs, assisting athletes to develop at any level of netball


Price: £39 (per child, per day)

Age: U13’s – U15’s
Times: 8:30am – 4:00pm

Lunch provided


Welcome to our Performance Pre-season, where aspiring netball players have the opportunity to refine their skills, enhance their tactical understanding, and elevate their performance on the court. This camp is designed for athletes who are committed to taking their game to the next level and achieving success in competitive netball.

Program Highlights:

  1. Expert Coaching: Our masterclass is led by experienced netball coaches with a passion for player development. They provide personalised instruction, feedback, and guidance to help each participant reach their full potential.
  2. Position-Specific Training: Athletes will receive position-specific training tailored to their roles on the court, with drills and exercises designed to enhance their skills and tactical understanding in their respective positions.
  3. Competitive Drills and Scrimmages: Participants will engage in competitive drills, small-sided games, and full-court scrimmages to apply their skills in a game-like environment, develop strategic awareness, and improve decision-making under pressure.
  4. Nutrition and Recovery: We provide education on proper nutrition, hydration, and recovery strategies to support optimal performance, fueling, and overall health and well-being.
  5. Goal Setting and Leadership Development: Athletes will set personal and team goals, develop leadership skills, and foster a growth mindset to inspire confidence, motivation, and teamwork on and off the court.

Our Performance Pre-season offers a comprehensive and immersive experience for aspiring netball players looking to excel in the sport. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this masterclass will challenge and inspire you to reach new heights in your netball journey.

Join us for an unforgettable experience and unlock your full potential on the netball court!

Staff: Led by netball professionals, program overseen by Maria Lutua

Gaining an impressive 86 caps whilst representing her country, Fiji at the international level. Maria has just returned from her third World Cup 2023 where she captained her national side. Maria certainly has not hung her boots up  yet, as she is still a Premier League player for Norfolk United netball team. Her extensive sporting career has also seen her representing England Netball Superleague for the Yorkshire Jets in 2016, before moving to Australia to be a training partner for the Sunshine Coast Lightning Team.
Over the years Maria has gained her coaching experience alongside her playing career. Having coached grassroots level, schools, and high performance standard. Her focus is to provide skilled coaching and quality programs, assisting athletes to develop at any level of netball, with the primary aim to keep girls in the sport, whilst enjoying the team atmosphere, making strong friendships, learning life lessons, and growing as a person and a player.

Players are required to bring their netball kit, including trainers suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.


Pacific Aus Sports Netball Series

Additional information

Performance Netball Masterclass

Monday 19th August, Tuesday 20th August, HAF Monday 19th August, HAF Tuesday 20th August, Childcare voucher Monday 19th August, Childcare voucher Tuesday 20th August, Monday & Tuesday, HAF Monday & Tuesday, Childcare Vouchers Monday & Tuesday

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